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Globalkom srl is a dynamic and flexible company with a young and versatile staff. The development of combined offer, direct to companies and public administration, starts from the idea that area cooperation has a primary and strategic value. Thanks to its dynamism and operative flexibility, Globalkom can offer best solutions for all customers. Our modern structure and efficient organization respects sustainable development principles and has been certified with UNI ES ISO 140001: 2004 regulations.

Information Tecnology

Globalkom is steadily committed to projecting new software allowing the improvement of company work – qualities. System planning starts by analyzing the requirements, moving through a testing phase and finally the end system is ready for the company. The final result meets all company needs and demands, support on behalf of a specialized team cuts down software learning and user’s time. Globalkom satisfies customers special requirements allowing technology and software personalization.

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Globalkom, always putting environmental issues at the top, has decided to become a protagonist in the development and spreading of sustainable culture. Our mission is to support companies and public administrator whose commitments to development consider environmental issues not an obligation but an added value to having a competitive advantage. Thanks to its quality and professionalism, globalkom is an outstanding partner for all those who want to develop and support their company and territory following sustainable development.

...Sustanable development ...The only future development

Resarch and Development

In a highly standardized market we believe professionalism must be proved and not merely words. Research Area, collaborating with university institutes, creates innovative systems which offer right answers for unsolved questions paying great attention to environmental issues, research area is elaborating efficient solutions for woodland safeguard.

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